Meet the Team



Co-host, Producer

Co-host, Head Researcher

Rachel has degrees in technical theatre and journalism from Illinois State University and is currently working on an MBA at U of I Springfield.  She hosts and produces the podcast, meaning she networks with other podcasts, runs promotions, and handles the majority of the social media accounts.  Rachel is a fan of theatre and has acted in and stage managed many productions.  She is the proud mother of a Ball Python named Noodles, a Tortiseshell cat named Virginia, and two handsome Chiweenies named Snoopy and Boots.
Rebecca has a BS in Forensic Science from Loyola University Chicago.  In addition to hosting the podcast, Rebecca does the majority of the research for the cases covered.  Rebecca is an avid reader and, in addition to true crime books, she enjoys mystery novels and historical fiction.  She is often assisted in her research, reading, and everything else by her Siamese-Maine Coon cat, Sherlock.  He helps by knocking things over, yowling, and sticking his head in coffee cups.