Meet the Hosts



Co-host, Producer

Co-host, Head Researcher

Rachel has Bachelors degrees in Journalism and Technical Theatre from Illiniois State University.  She is currently working on her MBA at U of I Springfield.   As producer, Rachel edits the podcast, runs promotions, and networks with other podcasters.  Rachel loves the theatre and spends a great deal of time both acting in and stage managing productions. She is an avid watcher of crime shows, including Law and Order S.V.U and Criminal Minds.  She is the proud mother of a ball python named Noodles and a chunky tortiseshell cat named Virginia.  
​Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science from Loyola University Chicago.  While applying for jobs in the forensic field she works as a subsitute teacher and zipline tour guide.  Rebecca spends a lot of time searching  for reliable sources, finding primary documents, and cross checking facts​.  An avid reader and self-proclaimed history nerd, she enjoys historical fiction, detective, novels, and both true crime and historical non-fiction.  She is often assisted in her research by her Siamese- Maine Coon, Sherlock, who helps by knocking things over and sticking his head in her coffee cup.